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If you need a partner, look HERE first. Or you can try the BBO partnership desk. This comes up as one of 4 options when you click on virtual clubs/US North America/Northampton. You can register there 2 hours before game time for another partner seeker to find you and send you an invitation. For anyone wanting further information, please contact Judy at judyquake@gmail.com.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Game Results - Feb 12, 2020

Games Next Week
Feb 18 Tuesday at 7PM (ACBL Charity Game)
Jan 19 Wednesday at 12:30PM (Judy's lesson starts at 12:00pm)
Games are held at the Christ United Church, 271 Rocky Hill Road, Northampton (DIRECTIONS...).
Please be at the game at least 10 minutes before the start, so we can start promptly;
last minute arrivals often cause delays.

ACBL Live Results
CommonGame Results
We did not use the prepared boards because they were the same boards as last Wednesday.
The boards were shuffled and played. Therefore no hand records available for today's game.

Wednesday Afternoon Pairs Wednesday Aft Session February 12, 2020
Scores after  9 rounds  Average:   54.0      Section  A
Pair    Pct   Score      Section Rank      MPs     
                         A     B     C  
  8   72.92   78.75  B   1     1          1.10(A)  Bob Leitch - Jim Kronholm
  9   61.98   66.94  A   2                0.77(A)  Paul Bacon - Philippe Galaski
 11   55.73   60.19  B   3     2          0.56(B)  Paul Aronson - Maud Fischer
  1   51.56   55.69  C  4/5   3/4   1/2   0.48(C)  Betty Jacobson - Kathy Meyer
  5   51.56   55.69  C  4/5   3/4   1/2   0.48(C)  Jeannie Jones - Susan Lantz
 10   46.88   50.63  C               3    0.28(C)  Chris Hurn - Joan Laird
  7   46.35   50.06  B                             Barry LaFlam - Alice Shearer
  6   42.71   46.13  C                             Marlyn Jabaily - Barbara Symborski
  4   41.67   45.00  C                             Anita Goddard - Arlene Nolan
 12   41.67   45.00  C                             Helen Sternheim - Mort Sternheim
  2   39.35   42.50  C                             Dudley Williams - John Pollard

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