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If you need a partner, look HERE first, or contact Philippe at phgalaski@gmail.com for help.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Masterpoint Race for 2021 - Ending October 27, 2021

[Editor's Note] This report was compiled based on the ACBL Live Results for Tuesday and Wednesday Northampton virtual club games only for 2021. And only players who played at our club prior to the lock down were included. Please report any discripensies to Yan. To see past Masterpoint Race reports, click here.

1Tim Joder77.16
2Philippe Galaski62.41
3Margaret Winslow59.41
4Roger Webb48.80
5Paul Bacon44.57
6Yan Drabek43.10
7Robert Sagor42.57
8Judith Hyde41.42
9Barry Laflam33.40
10James Osofsky32.55
11James Nowill31.70
12Jan Nettler29.16
13Alan Frank28.92
14Allison Ryan27.59
15Sheila Ryan26.81
16Markus Wagner25.69
17Sonja Smith24.30
18Liz Hildebrandt21.77
19Esther Bean20.58
20Richard McClure18.57
21Michael Ramella15.24
22George Abbott14.88
23Alan Peterfreund13.95
24Myrna Butler13.38
25David Rosnick13.25
26Marlene Myers13.21
27Robert Leitch13.02
28James Kronholm12.17
29Muriel Dane11.96
30Anne McCune8.67
31William Scott8.59
32Alice Shearer8.02
33Sharon Strassfeld7.61
34Jeannie Jones7.03
35Steve Peck6.55
36Susan McCoy6.09
37Ann Wroblewski5.90
38Motoko Oinaga5.90
39Angela McDonough5.18
40John Castonguay5.18
41Barbara Scher4.96
42Joan Levinson4.52
43Julia Zhao3.70
44Robert Steinberg3.69
45Judith Larsen3.47
47Chris Roberts2.91
48Laura Fluhr2.60
49Zachary Fluhr2.60
50Kathy Meyer2.44
51Elizabeth Lincoln2.23
52Kenneth Ross2.12
53Michael Starr2.08
54Evalyn Glickman1.81
55Sheila Terens1.68
56Karen French1.59
57Tim Bakker-Norton1.26
58Andrew Batchelor1.26
59William Nason1.20
60Charles Morrison1.13
61Robert Gerstle0.95
62Eric Morrissette0.95
63Judith Simon0.95
64Peggy Thieriot0.95
65Fern Fleckman0.95
66Elizabeth Singer0.80
67Mark Singer0.80
68John Debaggis0.73
71Israel Koren0.56
72Teresa Sedgwick0.53
73Constance Dube0.53
74James Burt0.53
75Lanette Sweeney0.48
76Gail Perry0.48
77Coreen Nejame0.48
78Sandra Walters0.48
79Marilyn Schmidt0.42
80John Pollard0.36
81Lesley Dearden0.20
82Margaret Ricci0.20

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