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If you need a partner, look HERE first. Or you can try the BBO partnership desk. This comes up as one of 4 options when you click on virtual clubs/US North America/Northampton. You can register there 2 hours before game time for another partner seeker to find you and send you an invitation. For anyone wanting further information, please contact Judy at judyquake@gmail.com.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Swiss Team Results - Dec 12, 2017

Click here to view results and hand records from the ACBL web site.

HOLIDAY PARTY GAME: next Tuesday on Dec 19! Welcome everyone!
The bar will be open from 6-7 and we will have coffee and snacks. You are welcome to bring snacks to share. Game starts at 7PM. If you need a partner, please contact Philippe.

Tuesday's game starts at 7PM, and Wednesday's game starts at 1PM with Judy's class starting at 12:30PM. Please be at the game at least 10 minutes before the start, so we can start promptly; last minute arrivals often cause delays.

Swiss Team Tuesday Eve Session December 12, 2017
Scores after  4 rounds
Team   Wins   Score    O/All Rank    MPs     
                         A     B  
  6    3.00   57.00  B   1     1    0.80(OA) David Rosnick - James Osofsky - Liz Hildebrandt - George Abbott
  3    2.50   50.00  A   2          0.60(OA) Paul Bacon - Philippe Galaski - John Sedgwick - James Hastings
  1    2.50   48.00  B   3          0.45(OA) Susan McCoy - James Nowill - Alice Shearer - Karen A. French
  4    3.00   46.00  A              0.27(SA) James Kaplan - Charles Jackson - Roger Miller - Evalyn Glickman
  2    2.00   39.00  B              0.18(SA) Richard McClure - Jan Nettler - Allison Ryan - Yan Drabek
  8    2.00   39.00  A              0.18(SA) Robert Sagor - Judy Hyde - Don Weld - Michael Ramella
  7    1.00   24.00  A              0.09(SA) Roger Webb - Leo Sartori - Sheila Ryan - Judith Larsen
  5    0.00   17.00  B                       Fran Becker - Mike Becker - Barry LaFlam - Marlene Buchanan

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