Welcome! For the duration of the pandemic, all Northampton Bridge Club games are virtual on BBO (BridgeBaseOnline). Any ACBL member who played in a Northampton, Pembury or Greenfield game between March 2019 and March 2020 is eligible. Anyone else wanting to play in our game needs to email Bob Sagor, rjsagor@gmail.com, with their BBO name. This needs to be done several hours before game time so any problems can be sorted out.

If you need a partner, you can try the BBO partnership desk. This comes up as one of 4 options when you click on virtual clubs/US North America/Northampton. You can register there 2 hours before game time for another partner seeker to find you and send you an invitation. For anyone wanting further information, please contact Judy at judyquake@gmail.com.

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Friday, August 10, 2018


Congratulations to Northampton Bridge club players who achieved milestones, moving up in rank during January - July 2018:
  • Allison Ryan - Regional Master
  • Charles Jackson - Bronze Life Master
  • Donald Weld - Bronze Life Master
  • Elizabeth Singer - Regional Master
  • Jan Nettler - Regional Master
  • Joan Laird - Junior Master
  • Motoko Oinaga - Club Master
  • Richard McClure - Regional Master
  • Sheila Ryan - NABC Master
  • Roger Webb - Ruby Life Master

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