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If you need a partner, look HERE first. Or you can try the BBO partnership desk. This comes up as one of 4 options when you click on virtual clubs/US North America/Northampton. You can register there 2 hours before game time for another partner seeker to find you and send you an invitation. For anyone wanting further information, please contact Judy at judyquake@gmail.com.

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Congratulations to our TOP finishers at the Harvest Regional (Mansfield)

Nov 06, 2019 - Wednesday

Gold Rush Pairs - 17.0 Tables
5.43 Gold 1/2  1/2 Jan Nettler - Sheila Ryan, Florence MA

Wed Eve Super Point Side Game - 13.0 Tables
3.77 3  Michael Heider, Redding CT; James Osofsky, Florence MA

Nov 07, 2019 - Thursday

Open Pairs Overalls 2:15 pm
3.88 Gold 9 4 2 625.79 Jan Nettler - Sheila Ryan, Florence MA

Knock-In Knock-Out 5 Overalls
8.09 Gold 2 Gary Minnig, John Pieper, James Nowill, Anne McCune

Knock-In Knock-Out 3 Overalls
6.94 Gold 4 James Osofsky, Michael Heider, Thomas Shake, Paul Harris

Thu-Fri Open KO Overalls
15.12 Gold 4 William Nason, Lou Kelleher, Robert Sagor, Judith Hyde

Nov 08, 2019 - Friday

Nov 09, 2019 - Saturday

D25 NAP Final Flight C Overalls
6.33 Gold|Red 4 292.19 Jan Nettler Florence, MA Sheila Ryan Florence, MA

Nov 010, 2019 - Sunday

Gold Rush Swiss Overalls - 20 Tables
4.13 Gold 2 92.00 Charles Jackson, James Nowill, Barry Laflam, Yan Drabek

D25 NAP Final Flight B Overalls
8.38 Gold 11 262.40 Michael Heider Redding, CT James Osofsky Florence, MA

D25 NAP Final Flight A Overalls
14.77 Gold 8 163.77 Philippe Galaski Florence, MA Roger Webb Amherst, MA

[If you finished high in an overall and I missed your name here, please email me at ydrabek@live.com. Thank you! -- Yan]

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