Welcome! The Northampton Bridge Club welcomes anyone who wishes to play duplicate bridge. Online open pair games are played on https://www.bridgebase.com/ at 7:00PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays; In-person games are played @1:00PM on Wednesdays at the Christ United Methodist Church, 271 Rocky Hill Road (Route 66) in Northampton.

If you need a partner, look HERE first, or contact Philippe at phgalaski@gmail.com for help.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

NAP Qualifying Game Schedule for July

The Club is allowed to hold two NAP Qualifying events, per session, each month for three months. In other words two Tuesday games, two Wednesday games and two Thursday games each month for June, July and August will be NAP qualifiers. To qualify for the District 25 level NAP game a player must place in the top 50% of the field in their strat.

The games will be very similar to our usual format. The differences are that:

— The cost will be $5.00 rather than the usual $4.00.

— Playing with a robot partner is not allowed.

— Masterpoint awards are higher.

Our club's NAP qualifiers for the month of July are scheduled as follows:

Tues — July 12 and July 26

Weds  — July 6 and July 27

Thurs — July 7 and July 14

If you have any questions please contact Bob Sagor: robert.sagor@gmail.com

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