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If you need a partner, look HERE first, or contact Philippe at phgalaski@gmail.com for help.

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Sunday, March 19, 2023

A Game With College Students!

We are very excited to offer an OPEN Pairs club game at the campus. Pre-dealt common-game hands, ACBL masterpoint award. There will be 10+ students from the Amherst College joining us, and maybe more from other nearby campuses. If it goes well, we will offer more games in the future. So please consider coming to play with us.
Date:March 25, Saturday
Where:The Powerhouse at Amherst College (10 East Drive off of Route 9)
Cost:$5 (first timers at our club play for free!)
Director:Philippe Galaski
Parking:Parking lot next to the Powerhouse

Interested persons please email ydrabek@live.com before March 22, Wednesday so she can get a count and bring enough tables.

MASKING: Masks are optional. Players, staff and volunteers are advised to check the COVID-19 Community Level rate as determined by the CDC or a similar metric from a health agency in making their decision on masking. Masking is recommended if an attendee is at high risk for severe illness or otherwise is a member of a vulnerable population. If a masked partnership requests that each of their opponents wear masks, those opponents are expected to comply. This ACBL policy does not countermand any ordinance or law in effect at the site of the tournament.
(this is the ACBL policy from https://web2.acbl.org/documentLibrary/covid/Covid_Protocols.pdf)

Everybody, please pass the word around and come join us for our inaugural play with the students!

Here is a link to the student club home page: acbridgeclub

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